Under the auspicious stewardship of our visionary Leader, H.S.H. Immanuel Sovereign Prince, together with the coordinated support of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Economic Development, Ecommerce, Trade and Industry, we have successfully completed the primary asset relocation of several of our Specialized Institutions’ Proprietary Holdings, as well as principally and harmoniously domiciling their Resident Headquarters into Principality Monte de Agrella. Our Specialized Institutions advancing ‘ethical business with a cause’ and being ‘harmonized’ into the Monte de Agrella NExT Mega Trend Capital Market, Ecommerce, Trade and Industry Model, provides them with a Signature, competitive advantage not found in any other jurisdiction. We have categorized and color coded our Specialized Institutions into the following nine Monte de Agrella’s NExT Mega Trend Capital Market Industry Sectors (public/private) for ease of reference.

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